AD4000 Hikohime Distressed Denim Cotton Pants

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Product Number: 504-6948

This is our standard denim, Hikohime. This time we added natural whiskers and sandblasts. The rise is rather short and since the leg is tapered towards the bottom, the line is really nice and clean.
By using the front shank button whose motif is a horse from the gold plate found in NY, the sophistication is added to the garment. The denim fabric we used is surprisingly much thinner than usual in contrast to the heavy look of the fabric, so it is great for women, too.

100% Cotton / Parts: Horse leather, Made in Japan

This product is dyed with indigo
-Please avoid wearing over or under white clothes.
Color will stain run and stain.
-Sweating or humidity may cause the color to run and stain other clothes. Please wash immediately when stained.
-Please do not bleach
-Please wash separately from other clothes.
-Machine wash at 30c (86F) or gently hand wash.

Size Chart

Size Waist Front Rise Back Rise Inseam Thigh Width Hem Width
27" 9" 12.75" 30" 10.5" 6.5"
36" 11" 14.5" 33" 13.25" 8"
Measurement Guide:  Waist: The circumference of the waist. Straighten the top edge first, then double the measurement. Front Rise: From top of waistband at center front to the crotch intersection Back Rise: From top of waistband at center back to the crotch intersection Inseam: From crotch intersection to the bottom Hem: The bottom width Thigh: From the bottom of the crotch to the side edge (Parallel to bottom)

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